A PST file, also known as Personal Storage Table file, is a file format used by Microsoft Outlook to store all the files and data related to your mails on the hard drive of your local computer. These PST files may sometimes get damaged or corrupt due to a number of reasons; however, you can make a backup of these files that can be restored to your computer in case of an unexpected data loss situation, or while moving the files from one PC to another PC.

You need to import the PST files when you install a newer version of MS outlook, or while reinstalling your outlook. This will help you to access your existing emails. When you import the PST file from your Outlook, it adds all your existing mails and related folders to the newer version of MS Outlook.

If you want to reinstall your MS outlook, you should know the process to import a PST file to the Outlook so that you can access the existing mail and related files in the new version, too. This article will guide you through the easy process of importing a PST file to the reinstalled Outlook.

In order to import a PST file, you should first identify the MS Outlook version that is currently running on your computer. First you have to launch the Microsoft Outlook application by double clicking on the MS Outlook icon or selecting Microsoft Outlook from the start menu.

Then click on the “file” tab on the top left of outlook window and a page will appear on which you have to click on “open” and then select on the “Import” option.

A click on the import option will open a file import export wizard and will show a menu that prompts you to select the types of files you need to import. You have to look for the option: import from another program or file and click on the next button.

Next, the wizard will prompt you to select a file type to import from. You have to choose: Outlook data file (.pst) and click on the next button. After this, click on browse to locate the PST file you want to import to your newer MS outlook application and click on the next button. Follow the steps by selecting the file or folder you wish to import and click the next button. In the end, just click on the finish button to exit the import export wizard.

After this is done, go the MS outlook application and cross check if all your data is available after the import process is completed. In case you did not receive all the files that you wished to import, just repeat the process once again and search for the missing folders which were not imported. If this too doesn’t work, go to the help option and search for the relevant information or process. You are sure to get all the information there.

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