Have you ever lost your e-mail messages due to corrupted files or been unable to recover files and folders saved in your e-mail manager? Even though many people have experienced this very issue, there is any easy solution to this problem: Scanpst.exe.

Before we talk about how to use Scanpst.exe to solve this problem, it is important to understand the problem. Every email message that has not been deleted is saved as a .pst file and Scanpst.exe is automatically installed on your computer. Even though your messages and folders may not be visible in your inbox, they are still saved in your manager, but simply archived. This brings us to the situation at hand: accessing these messages.

If your messages are corrupted, you will have to run the inbox repair tool. This can be done in a few easy steps.  First, close your email manager. You will next need to make sure the “show hidden files and folders” option is selected since Scanpst.exe is a hidden file. Open the start menu and select the “Run” menu. When prompted, enter “Control Folders” and then select the “View” tab. This will allow you to choose “Hidden files and folders” to ensure the “Show hidden files and folders” option is selected.

Next, you will need to return to the “Start” menu, choose “Find” or “Search” and enter Scanpst.exe. The location of this file largely depends on what operating system is installed on your computer, but it can be located manually.

After double-clicking on the file, select “Browse” and once you’ve located your .pst file, select the start menu one more time and scanpst.exe will browse the files to determine if there are any errors. A list of recovered items will then appear in your email manager.

Now, you can recover the repaired items. Open your email manger and select the “View” or “Go” menu. Choose the “Folder List” and you will see a menu of recovered items. In this menu panel, create a new folder. You will then be able to drag your recovered items to the new folder.

So, you might be thinking that your problems are solved and that you can recover any item. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. If you are unable to open your original file, then you will not be able to recover any of your data. You may, however, be able to recover information from the damaged .pst file.

The option to create a backup .pst file is automatically selected when you are using Scanpst.exe. It automatically places a file, “File name.bak,” on your hard drive. To locate this file, select your original .pst file.  Copy this file and rename the copied file with an extension of .pst. Import the new file into your email manager and you will have successfully recovered your repaired items from the backup file.

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