Outlook has become known as one of the premier email managers.  It can manage an email account, coordinate events through calendar entries and store a numerous contacts. While all the positive aspects are impressive, there are some negative effects.  One of these is the ramification of damaged .pst files.

This damage can lead to missing data, error messages and the incapability to send or receive email messages. Because this is a known problem that Outlook users may very well experience, it is essential to have the ability to address this problem in a prompt and effective manner to avert further, and possibly, permanent damage to your data.  As we know, in today’s world of instantaneity, messages, contacts and appointments must be no more than a click away so it is essential to fix .pst files.

From time to time, by no fault of the user, the .pst file ends up corrupted, fragmented, or otherwise damaged. It is also important to recognize that the various versions of Outlook have a .pst file size limit. If your .pst file size exceeds this limit, the chances of fragmentation, corruptions and eventual data loss are greatly increased.  If you have already passed that point, which is likely since you are reading this article, we will provides you with the steps needed for .pst file repair.

The good news is the Outlook software includes a tool that will aid you with the repair .pst  files, and it is aptly named “Inbox Repair Tool.” On the flip side, this handy little tool is nestled deep in the your computer’s Program Files folder, located on the hard drive. Luckily, we provide the paths needed to locate this tool.

If you are an Outlook XP or Outlook 2003 user, go to your hard drive, and find your Program Files folder. Within that folder, open the Common Files subfolder.  From there, select System, then MSMAP and, finally, Locale ID

For those of you who are using Outlook 2007, you will also need to open your hard drive and find your Program Files folder.  From your Program File folder, select Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 subfolder.  Now comes the somewhat tricky part because you are looking for once specific file named “Scanpst.exe.” After running this file, you will have to locate your pst file.  Then, hit Start.

Finally, for all of you who have the newest version, Outlook 2010, you will be able to find the repair file by beginning with your hard drive.  Locate and open the Program Files folder. Inside that subfolder, find Microsoft Office and select Office 14.

The Inbox Repair Tool will now scan the corrupted .PST file for errors:

If your PST file is recoverable, you’ll see the repairable errors show up in the scan results. To fix them, select Repair.

Congratulations, you have repaired your Outlook .pst files.

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