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The Best Ways of Outlook PST Repair

Outlook is fast becoming one of the most popular programs for busy people to consolidate their emails, contacts, journal and calendar entries, and much more. Unfortunately, no program is free from errors and problems and Outlook is no exception. There will be times when you'll need what is called “PST Repair” in order to retrieve corrupted or otherwise damaged files.

What does PST Repair mean?

When you save files in different programs, they are given certain names. A Word file will be followed by .doc, for example, and a Notepad document will be given a .txt name. An Outlook file on your computer, then, is given a .pst name. So to put it simply, Outlook PST Repair is the process of retrieving a damaged file in Outlook.

How can I start repairing my PSTs?

Now, Outlook has its own PST Repair system that gets installed on your computer when you install Outlook. It is called the Inbox Repair Tool and it can be found on your hard disk. You'll want to open up this wizard when you get an error message in Outlook when trying to retrieve a PST file. Unfortunately, this doesn't always get the job done and in these cases you'll need to seek the help of a third party.


Stellar Outlook PST Repair Software

One of the finest PST Repair programs is offered by Stellar. This software goes above and beyond the in-house Outlook repair program to deliver the three R's: Recover, Repair, and Restore. It also works faster than the regular Outlook wizard to restore your notes, tasks, emails, and everything else that may have been lost. It can also recover encrypted files and repair files that are protected by passwords.



Another great method of repairing your PST files is by using Scanpst.exe. This utility, offered as a free download by Microsoft, can often help in restoring your lost files. Keep in mind that this program is free, like the Outlook wizard, and thus is worth a try even if it doesn't work. The critical response to Scanpst.exe is mixed, with some people praising its ability to fix Outlook problems and others saying that it didn't help in any way whatsoever. Still, if Scanpst.exe and Outlook's own repair system doesn't get the job done, you can always try a free trial of Stellar's fantastic repair software.

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