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How to Convert Old PST to Unicode PST

In order to convert old PST to Unicode PST, it is recommended to backup the current files first in order to make sure that there will be no risk of loosing data. With such a precaution, it is possible to convert old PST to Unicode PST effectively, without having to worry about email, contacts, calendar and other personal data that is included in the PST files for the reason that the entire structure can be restored at any time.

According to Microsoft, there is no automatic way to convert old PST to Unicode PST supported by the Microsoft Office Outlook application or adjacent official tools. For this reason, the entire officially recommended procedure relies on a set of manual tasks. The entire process of converting an old PST file to Unicode PST relies on the creation of a new PST database in Unicode format and then importing the data from the old one PST.

A new Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders file can be created by opening Microsoft Office Outlook and clicking on File- New - Outlook Data File. While doing so, you will be asked to insert information such as the file name for the new PST file as well as the display name that will be associated with the newly created profile.

After the new Unicode PST file has been created, it is now possible to import the data contained in the old PST. This can be done by accessing File – Import and Export. In this section of Microsoft Office Outlook, the feature “Import from another program or file” will be the one to manage the entire process. In the following steps, it is required to follow the renaming instructions as detailed in the Import and Export Wizard.

Since converting old PST to Unicode PST can proof to be a problematic task if not done properly, it is recommended to take into consideration the proper PST file maintenance before actually attempting the conversion process. For this reason, in order to insure the integrity and the protection of the data stored in the PST files, Stellar Outlook PST Repair can prove to be an invaluable software solution. While the program does cost money it is a very easy way to convert any old pst file over to a unicode PST file.

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