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How to Convert OST to PST

Users of Microsoft Outlook Exchange often require the migration of their communication, contacts, calendar entries and other profile related data to a standard version of Microsoft Office Outlook. However, for the reason that the two applications do not use the same file types in order to store this kind of information, the task of migrating data from Microsoft Outlook Exchange to Microsoft Office Outlook may proof to be a rather problematic one. As a result, it is required to convert the OST file recognized by Exchange to PST, the standard file format used by Outlook.

In order to read an OST file (Microsoft Exchange email file) offline, the PC user will have to convert it to a PST file. In order to manage the conversion process between OST and PST so that the resulting file will be readable by an application such as Microsoft Office 2003 several aspects need to be considered.

If the PC user is able to open the OST file offline, then it would be possible to simply copy the contents of the OST file into a newly created PST. However, for the reason that the OST file will only work if the profile that it has been created for is available (as well as other specific Exchange server settings) the PC user may not be able to open the exported file.

As the two file types are Microsoft proprietary standard formats, there is no way to import / export data between Microsoft Outlook Exchange to Microsoft Office Outlook without the usage of a proper set of tools. One such software application is Stellar Outlook PST Repair, a dedicated software package that is capable to conduct maintenance, repairs and conversions between different file formats related to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Due to the fact that Stellar Outlook PST Repair is commercial software, the support and updates provided will be more then enough to manage the entire process of properly converting OST to PST. As a result, all data that has been previously stored in the Exchange profile will be available for Microsoft Office Outlook usage. This is one of the easiest ways to convert your OST over to a PST file. However any method out there is going to cost you and this software does come with a high price tag.

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