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Outlook 2010 PST Repair

No data loss is worse then e-mail data loss. We all keep years of data, contacts, files and so much more in Outlook and when a pst file becomes corrupt on a Monday moring our whole week/month/job could be at risk. This article covers some of the best ways to recover Outlook PST files an. Be sure to follow the free method first and to make a backup of your current pst file so you do not make matters worse. We aslo recommend this Outlook PST repair software once you have tried the free method first.

The free scanpst.exe iks a is included with Outlook and repairs only the headers and discards teh rest of the data. In a good 30% of all cases this tool will get all your infor back. If not then you can move on to more advanced methods. Always back up before running the tool so you don't lose anything you might want that could be deleted. It is recommended to always try this free tool first before going out and spending money on anything.

When fixing any corrupt PST file, open the file Scanpst.exe. If you can not find the file do a search and you should be able to find it without a problem. If the .pst file is not located in the 1033 directory, then you should be able to find it under c:usersusernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook. If you get an error message stating the application was not found, it may because it is located in the wrong folder.

Here is how you would use this tool to repair your pst files.

First, make sure Outlook is closed.
Next click the Start button and go to My Computer ( Just "computer" in Vista and Windows 7 )
Click on Program Files and then Common Files
Click on the System file then open MSMAPI and then open the 1033 file
Find the Scanpst.exe file and click to open
Select the file you want to repair. To do this follow these steps
1. Go to My Computer
2. Go to your C: drive and then go to Documents and Settings
3. Find your username and open the file and go to Local Settings. If you can't find the file for Local Settings it could be under Hidden files. Simply go to Tools and click on Folder Options and then View. Click on Show hidden files and folders and click ok. The file structure is a little different on Windows 7 and Windows Vista. C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\
4. Click on Outlook and find the Outlook .pst file

You can now place that file into the box of the repair tool and hit Start.
Be sure to click on the backup box prior to running the scan.
Any errors will then be shown and you can then simply click to fix them when prompted.

That should take care of your problems with any Outlook 2010 .pst files. Getting an error code of "fatalError: 800400900" will mean your files are over the 2GB max and other measures will need to be taken. We have a repair article for this exact error code. If this does not solve your issue then your PST file is VERY corrupt and you will need to run a scan using this PST Repair Program Here