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Outlook Password Recovery

If you use Microsoft Outlook as your email client, you will have a PST file associated with your Outlook profile. A PST file, or Personal Storage Table, contains all your private information including contacts, calendar items and details regarding your personal email account. As it contains so many personal details, Microsoft Outlook provides the option to password-protect your PST file. Whenever you try to open your PST file, you will be prompted for your password. This will stop any attackers from gaining access to your personal details thereby ensuring that your privacy is not breached.

Some users who set passwords for their PST files tend to forget those passwords. This is not a problem as long as you don’t need to open your PST file. However, circumstances may require you to open your PST file at some point, and you will encounter a problem. Microsoft does not specify any clear-cut method to recover your PST password, and you might be inclined to think that all hope is lost.

The best way to recover your Outlook PST password is to use specifically designed password recovery software. Many of these are available at a reasonable price and use a variety of methods to crack the password of any Outlook PST file. One such example is Office Password Recovery PRO. This is a low-priced password recovery tool for Microsoft Office that focuses on Outlook password recovery as well for both email accounts and for PST files. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, go to the Accounts and Files window and select the ‘Personal Folder Files’ tab. There, you can browse for and select your PST file. There are a variety of ways to crack your password using Office Password Recovery PRO.

Straightforward methods such as brute force attack, which generate random characters and try to enter the password-locked file, as well as English Dictionary attacks, which use words from the dictionary to try and crack the password, are available. You can choose a cracking method based on what you remember about your password. It is a long process, but eventually Office Password Recovery PRO will crack your PST file’s password for you.

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